Wellness & Health Programs

Promoting health and wellness for seniors is a goal of the Alabama Tombigbee Area Agency on Aging. There are events throughout the year offering health screenings, health promotion and evidence based wellness programs to help our seniors take charge of their lives.

“I really enjoyed the classes. It was helpful with goals and making important decisions about my health and medications as well as the importance to check with doctors.”
-Peggy, Monroeville, AL

The Area Agency on Aging is currently offering three well established, evidence-based programs, A Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management program (CDSMP), and the Stay Active and Independent for Life program (SAIL).

A Matter of Balance fall prevention program, is a proven program designed to help people manage concerns about falls and increase activity. During this course participants are engaged in group discussion, problem solving activities and some gentle exercise. This program has been proven by research through Boston University to help participants become more confident managing falls by believing that they can increase their strength, find ways to reduce falls, and protect themselves if they do fall.

The Chronic Disease Self-Management program (CDSMP) is designed for anyone who has a chronic medical condition and/or for caregivers of those with chronic medical conditions. The classes within this program discuss nutrition, exercise, communication with their physician as well as those around them, and other skills to help with the day to day management of their/or their loved ones chronic condition. It has been proven by Stanford University researchers to result in significant improvements in key health and social factors for person who complete the course, including fewer problems with their chronic conditions, and fewer outpatient visits, emergency room visits and days spent in hospitals.

The Stay Active and Independent for Life program (SAIL) is a physical activity program that reduces fall risk by increasing strength and improving balance. This is an on-going class that meets 3 times per week. Each class includes warm-up exercises, aerobics, balance activities, and strengthening and stretching exercises. All exercises can be done seated or standing. Periodically throughout the program fitness checks are completed to assess strength and general mobility.

Free classes are held throughout our 10 county region.  Class size for these courses is about 12 people. To find out where classes are in your area, or if you are interested in hosting a course, please contact us.

For information and assistance, call (334) 682-5206 or 888-617-0500.